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Showing Off With Vodka

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Take One for the Team, Mom

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It's True, You Can't Party With Kids

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This is Fun and All, But...

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Tanked Tots: Quick! Draw Things on His Face!

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Hopefully With A Little Parenting In Between

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Ruthless Dad with a Grade A 'Murican Mullet Shows up to Tailgate Just to Ice All His Son's Friends

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Beer: Not Even Once

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No Bottle 40-Hands for the Baby?

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As Payback, I Am Going to Date the First Criminal I Can Find.

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Tanked Toddlers: Poker Night is always a big deal

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The Circle of Life

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A Different Kind of Dad Joke

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Describe Your Father

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If Your Dad Sends You a Video Like This About What He Found in Your Sock Drawer, Count Yourself Lucky

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Sacré Bleu!

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