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This Five-Year-Old Boy Pops the Question to His Favorite Disney Characters

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Who Wished for This?

disney star wars Death Star - 6723048960
Created by Unknown

Remember Those Scream Storage Containers From Monsters, Inc.?

disney kids monsters inc parenting - 8101264896
Created by theresaburger ( Via Disneyland Paris )

Parents Suck!

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Created by Unknown

Disney Princesses Imagined as Hot Dogs

funny memes disney princess hot dogs
Via luckypeach

In the Middle of the Day, It's a Toss-Up

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Wholesome Violence

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Created by Unknown

Apparently Disneyland is an Awful Place

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It'll Be the Internet's Secret For Now

disney kids surprise parenting vacation g rated - 8229337088
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Amber Alert

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Created by GrifterTWolf

Girl Spends a Day at Disney World for FREE Because Dad Saved Her Pass from 1994

disney dad family vacation - 8800143616
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Some Girls Don't Want to Let it Go

costume disney star wars kids halloween parenting darth vader g rated - 8362915328
Via mjp27

Finding a Prince Is Stressful

cinderella disney - 6176078080
Via myconfinedspace

Before It's Too Late

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disney wtf ipad FAIL apps parenting Video - 54614785

Ensure That Your Children Irritate Others With This iPad Theater App From Disney!

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disney kids parenting Video g rated - 67777025

No One Loses at Arm Wrestling to Little Girls Like Gaston

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