Gotta Plead Ignorance

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Oh, Dad...

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Dad's Turn to Help with the Bake Sale

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Girl's Got Serious Daddy Issues

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Playing Horsey is for Wusses

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Best Dad Ever

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I Don't See the Problem

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Dad Ponderings

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Nice Depiction of Dad's Bubble Butt

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DILFS of Disneyland Highlights the Handsomest Dads From the Happiest Place on Earth

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Need a Gift For Dad?

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funniest dad tweets of the week - Text - Simon Holland @simoncholland Why would I pay for a haunted house when I can wake up to my kid silently standing by my bed at 5 AM.

Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week

The funny dads of Twitter
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Thanks, Dad

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Two Dads Absolutely Destroy #DadLife Rap Over Ridiculous Trap Beat

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Dad Jokes Never Go On Vacation

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Pants: The Never-Ending Battle

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