The Perks of Fatherhood

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Girl Surprises Her Stepdad With Adoption Papers on His Birthday and I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

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Dad's Turn

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A Dad Let His Daughter Take a Bite of a Deer Heart and Now the Internet Is Losing Their Minds

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In Yo Face!

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Treehouse Level: Engineer

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Thank You, Dads, For All the Awesome Things You Do

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Father of The Bride Goes To Bachelorette Party

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Like Father Like Daughter

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YUCK! Affection!

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Photo Op!

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The Joys of Parenthood

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This TV Was Sofa King Expensive

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The Luckiest Valentines

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At Least She Tried

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This Dad Live-Tweeted His Traumatic Experience of Taking His Toddler to See 'Finding Dory' and It's a Warning to All Parents

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