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Always Wash Your Hands

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Don't Forget to Pre-Heat for Optimal Cooking!

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She Can C**k All Sorts of Things

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It's Getting Hot in Here

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Parenting WIN: Wait Until They're Pink!

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Jamie Oliver Just Wanted to Make Pizza With His Kids, But He Son Had Other Priorities

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Keep an Eye Out for Grandma

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French stepmom complains and leaves no tip, doesn't get breakfast | Posted by u/AQuietBorderline 14 hours ago E 27e10 3 13 E 13 My French Stepmother Learns Hard Way Americans Can Cook oc XL This happened today and my brother and are still are laughing about except Gabrielle (said stepmother) and Dad (who is embarrassed Dad came into town visit my brother (let's call him Mark) and few days and brought Gabrielle with him. Gabrielle has her good traits but she does have this one really nasty trait.

Entitled Stepmom's A Monster To Diner Staff, Kids Take Revenge

Here's your fancy breakfast, lady.
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...Mom? Dad? Could You Help Me With Something?

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I Will Gladly Oblige!

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ECarnage's Dad Has a Condiment that Goes with Everything

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He Always Burns the Toast, However.

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Hidden Vegetables

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How Rude, Food!

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What's Cookin', Dudes?

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Don't Try to Out-Hipster Your Parents, Kid

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