Parenting Fails


How Do I Potty?

comics potty butts - 7019902720
comics describing the parenting adventures of artist mom

17 Funny & Relatable Doodles About Life As a Parent

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A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Babies comics lunar baboon - 7064263680
Via Lunar Baboon

Dr. Who Do You Think You're Trying to Impress?

doctor who daleks comics - 6696206336

Growing Up

growing up comics - 7360591616
Created by RedRobin

Everything I Do, I Do it for You

comics lunar baboon - 7104519680
Via Lunar Baboon

Women are SO Unappreciative

comics periods uterus - 7059273728


stealing comics beach - 7077506304
Via Lunar Baboon

It's All About Perspective

snow comics g rated Parenting FAILS - 7174150656

Nooz U Can Yooz

comics How To - 7074400512
Via Sheharzad-Arshad

How Your Childfree Friends May Feel

comics kids parenting ice cream web comics - 8240372224
Via Sarah's Scribbles

It got real crazy on family weekend

comics - 5747347968
Via Amazing Super Powers

They Work Just as Well This Way

pacifiers crying baby comics - 6635094272
Created by Snake73

Fantasy vs. Reality

comics moms Parenting FAILS - 7116983296
Via Crappy Pictures

Daddy, What Have You Done?

slide comics dad - 6975240704
Created by anakin206 ( Via Hotchkiss Comics )

Vegetation is Murder!

childbirth comics puns g rated Parenting FAILS - 7075196160
Via Stanley Colors
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