"The Talk"

sex talk comic - 6897992192

It Lies!

comic snow white - 6569913088
Created by Unknown

How Embarrassing

comic mom Spider-Man therapy - 6300256000
Via Bizarro Blog

Condoms for Star Wars Fans? I'll Take 'Things That Will Never Get Used' for $200, Alex

star wars comic darth vader - 6890672384
Created by Unknown

Everybody Loves a Bounce House!

Bounce House comic cyanide and happiness - 6591856640
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Bad Pinocchio!

comic fap - 6594144512
Created by Unknown

Where's Jet Li When You Need Him?

parenting dad comic - 7579236608
Created by Unknown

Never Show Your Kids the Prequels

comic cute darth vader star wars - 6095037440
Created by Unknown

From one Generation to the Next

comic coupon Parenting Fail tradition - 5351997440
Via Amazing Super Powers

Wishful Thinking

comic doctor Spider-Man - 6372041984
Created by Unknown

C'Mon Mom

birthday comic facebook - 6578796032
Via Anything Comic

But You Didn't Have to Stoop So Low

comic Harry Potter - 6596267264
Created by Unknown

Growing Up is Hard

batman comic star wars - 6310399232
Via Shoeboxblog

A Former Marvel Illustrator Immortalizes Her Daughter's "Devil Phase"

Via slothhprincess

Behind Every Superman are Super Parents

comic parents superman - 6513867776
Created by Unknown

Didn't See That Coming (Out of the Closet)

comic cyanide and happiness gay - 6440261632
Created by Unknown
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