Shoulda Shot For Post-College Tuition TIme

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By Unknown

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall...

comic horses - 6813353216
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

The Most Frustrating Part of Nickelodeon's 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'...

statues comic - 7019486720
Via Vector Belly

Always Use Protection

comic condom tiger - 6348483328
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This is a Lose/Lose Situation

comic embarrassed racing - 5177680896
By Unknown

A Parenting "Don't"

sports kids parenting comic - 8449992960
Via richie412

Doctor's Worst Nightmare

comic doctors - 7642864384
Via pleated-jeans

What Midnight Looks Like at Every Age

ages comic - 6260170240
By Unknown

Rich Dad Poor Dad

comic rich people - 6946604032
By kohneyfan (Via Kohney)

Meanwhile, in Reality...

comic g rated Hall of Fame Parenting FAILS pretend - 6258106112
Via NikNaks Blog

Bad Pinocchio!

comic fap - 6594144512
By Unknown

We're Preggers!

comic congratulations - 6275963136
Via Ryan Selvy

We Forest Mutants Solve Our Problems With Dialogue

Aliens childrens-art comic theft - 6519379712
By Unknown

Tech Support

comic computers Hall of Fame it motherson - 6431192576
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

He Was a Monster in My Bed

comic Cookie Monster milk - 6414498048
By Unknown

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

comic fatherson smoking - 6399378944
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