A Photoshop Well Spent

baby beard clever dad facial hair Father How to Dress Your Child Parenting Fail photoshop - 5672505344
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clever dinosaur kid smart toys Video - 31747329

She's Going to be an Amazing Internet Forum Commenter Someday, with Those Skills

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Spending Some Quality Time With the Noob

clever nap time noob video games - 5209466112
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Well, That Will Get Their Attention...

clever disney princesses high school Parenting Fail pregnancy psa - 5451769600
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But Mary Was Convinced 1000% to the Contrary!

christmas clever g rated Hall of Fame jesus parenting Parenting Fail - 5496464128
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Wear it Proud

Babies baby bonding clever clothes dad fashion g rated parenting Parenting Fail shirt - 5536336896
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Recycle, Reuse, But Not Quite Reducing His Time in Therapy Later

clever - 7701483264
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Good Parenting 101: Never Raise A Wasteful Child

booze clever beach funny classic - 7439148288
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Not Like They're Doing Anything Useful Down There

baby chores clever costume floor Hall of Fame onesie Parenting Fail - 5394729728
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+2 Points for Creativity

answer clever education Parenting Fail response school test - 5522072064
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Awesome Kid Alert: Transform and Roll Out!

Awesome Kid Alert clever costume creative Hall of Fame halloween Parenting Fail - 5273601280
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Congratulations, this is what a boy looks like!

children clever greeting cards parenting - 5689154560
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What Cute Censorship!

baby clever hat hungry - 5202656256
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It Was Worth a Shot

clever comics - 7035519232
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If You Can't Punish Them, Shame Them!

accident car clever Hall of Fame Parenting Fail punishment shame - 5535967488
By Unknown

They Never Mentioned Not Breaking In...

sign clever note classic - 7455588608
By Unknown
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