A Photoshop Well Spent

baby beard clever dad facial hair Father How to Dress Your Child Parenting Fail photoshop - 5672505344
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It's 8:00 in Portland. Do You Know Where Your Child is Making Mixed Media Collages?

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Five Dollar Footlong?

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That Never Stops You From Giving It

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Clever Mother, But Don't Forget to Hide the Ethernet Cables

win clever mother makes kid do chores for wifi passwrod
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Multitask Level: Boss

dads Multitasking clever classic funny g rated Parenting FAILS - 7446791424
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But Mary Was Convinced 1000% to the Contrary!

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If You Can't Punish Them, Shame Them!

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Good Parenting 101: Never Raise A Wasteful Child

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Dad's Favorite Hold: The Snack n' Nap

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It Was Worth a Shot

clever comics - 7035519232
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Recycle, Reuse, But Not Quite Reducing His Time in Therapy Later

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The Element of Surprise is Key in This Tooth-Pulling Technique

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Wear it Proud

Babies baby bonding clever clothes dad fashion g rated parenting Parenting Fail shirt - 5536336896
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This Woman Sees Your Motherhood Challenge and (Doesn't) Raise You (Or Anyone Else)

funny facebook image woman changes motherhood challenge to something more relaxing
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They Never Mentioned Not Breaking In...

sign clever note classic - 7455588608
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