Great Photo Op Guys... Guys?... Guys!

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I Could Just Eat Him Up

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Finally They're Letting the Animals at Sea World Express Themselves Freely

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He Was In There Because He Beat Up My Honor Student

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Don't Worry Kid, You'll See It Online Later

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Ok, But Only Because They're Super Mega Fierce

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Here's A Map, Son. You'll Need It.

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But Why?

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Please, Don't Do It

FAIL parenting classic - 8969410048
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Multitask Level: Boss

dads Multitasking clever classic funny g rated Parenting FAILS - 7446791424
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Hindsight Is 20/20

costume clever classic - 7446720256
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When Grandpa And Grandma Are A Little "Off"

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He Saw His Life Flash Before His Own Darling Eyes

kid falls on jungle gym questions existence
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An Old Technique for a New Age

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Good Parenting 101: Never Raise A Wasteful Child

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Prepping For College Can Never Start Too Early

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