21st Century Parenting

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Why Even Bother Cleaning?

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By WaterOz

Well, I Didn't Need the Internet Today Anyway

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Watch Out Ladies, This Boy isn't Afraid of Doing Laundry (For a Particular Reason)

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Now THAT'S How You Get Your Kids to Do Chores!

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Mom Decided to Let Her 4-Year-Old Make the Shopping List

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Why Moms Get NOTHING Done: Can You Relate?

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There's An "S" Load Of Difference Between The Two

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Could I Get a Synonym Please? Language of Origin?

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Those Chores Are Wimbledone!

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The Dad Who Taught His Kids How to Change the Toilet Paper Roll is Back

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Goodbye Yardwork!

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Close Enough

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Mom: You're Doing it Right

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By diinytt
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Finally a Productive and Efficient Use For Those Hoverboard-Riding Kids to Do This Winter

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Nice Try, Kids

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