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This Little Girl's Crazy Temper Tantrum Has Gone Viral in Russia

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What Kind of Answer Were You Expecting?

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General Jacking and Killing

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We've Finally Figured it Out!

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This Cursing Child Compilation Will Make You Question the Future of Society

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Children: Think Different

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That's Just Plane Smart

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Toddler invents their own swear word, and then swears at their parent for weeks. | TheOphans TIFU by learning my toddler made up their own way swearing at and has been telling f off while. M So build up this fuck up work out at home and have done since my child born like work out music and there is one particular song some reason really helps get mood squat s song l'd played some time without question until 4 months ago because has few swear words

Toddler Invents Their Own Swear Word, Swears At Parent For Weeks

Kid could be going places.
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A Child's Laughter Is Not The Best Medicine

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That Computer Probably Cost More Than The Baby

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Funny memes about kids and parenting | Little kids tryna make sure see them coughing | grounded my kid and this his @alenwithnojob response. PROGRESS Light ary Av Purbe Xp BU

Fifteen Parenting Posts For Exhausted Life Givers

We know y'all need a break every once in a while!
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Chelsea Handler's PSA is For All The Women That Don't Want to Have Children and How Great it is

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They Told Her She Could Be Anything She Wanted, So She Became Kitty Cat

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We All Scream for Children!

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In Soviet Russia, Birds Feed Children!

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Don't Bite the Face That Feeds You

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