This Dad's Craigslist Post is Selling His Misbehaving Son's Car and Shaming Him For Being Disrespectful

funny parenting image dad sells son's car after he's disrespectful to his parents
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Kids Gotta Learn Early Not to Fall Asleep at the Wheel

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Parenting of the Day: Dad Pulls Son’s Tooth Out With a Chevy Camaro

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Different Kids React Differently to the Same Situation

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Some Things Never Change

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Some Parents Really Shift Into High Gear With Baby Names

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A Car Full of Tired Kids

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They Don't Even Fit in This Car

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You Stayed Inside the Lines!

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The Only Way Most of Us Will Afford a Tesla Model S is This Kid Version

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Nature or Nurture: Certainly It Can't Be Both

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Self-Aware Dad is Self Aware

funny parenting image minivans are uncool
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The Moment a Bear Teaches You That Your Mom Has More Chill Than Everyone

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Sir, Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?

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Now That You Have Kids, You'll Never Lose Your Car in the Parking Lot

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Can't Wait Until He Can Work on the Real One!

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