Parenting Fails

birthday cake

Nobody Likes Birthdays

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Nice, Um, "Beach"

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Well, there's Always Ice Cream

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He Likes 'Em Young

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You Never Get to Stop Proofreading Your Kids' Cakes

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Last Birthday Party He'll Get Invited To

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Tough Love Mom Makes Epic Birthday Cake in the Form of Daughter's Drunk Vomit Photo

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Most Empowering Birthday Cake Ever?

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When Your Son Loves A Local Personal Injury Lawyer

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It's My Party and I'll Hulk if I Want To

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Put it Out of its Misery!

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You Can't Have Your Cake and Continue Living in the Garage, Too

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"Just Shut Up, I've Had a Bad Day..."

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Dad Showcases the Proper Way to Blow out Candles on a Cake

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You Brought This Upon Yourself, Mom

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