Why Would Give Your Child a Birthday Cake With a Blue Dild...

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Mom Has the GREATEST Reaction to Her Son's Surprise Visit

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This 1 Year-Old Birthday Girl is Really Enjoying Her Cake

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Birthday or Regret-iversary, It's All The Same on the Calendar

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RISE, Elmo!

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C'Mon Mom

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Maybe Red Wasn't the Wisest Frosting Choice...

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Happy Birthday-Thanksgiving! You Get One Gift in Honor of the Occasion.

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No Seriously, They Have Good Wings. Seriously!

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Dad Showcases the Proper Way to Blow out Candles on a Cake

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Kids Will Eat Anything

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A Little Boy Pulls Out All the Stops to Blow Out His Birthday Candle

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When Your Kid Asks for a "Cow Having a Calf" Cake

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