But... Batman Doesn't Have a Dad :(

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He's Not The Kid You Deserve, But He's the Kid You Need Right Now

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Shameless Two-Year-Old Blames Batman for Lipstick Drawing on Mommy's Mirror

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You Ain't Cooler Than Batman

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It's a Hard Knock Life

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She's Na Ganna Get It

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Follow Your Dreams

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Some Kids Get Really Into Gaming

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NOPE! Next House

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You've Been Batdad'd

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No Reason Dad Can't Wear a Costume Too

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The Bat Signal Looks Suspiciously Like a Diaper Genie

Dog - Robin either smells danger, or batman's diaper.
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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...

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Spot the Difference

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Hey Batguys... What're Ya Up To There?

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