Classic Bathing Derp

baby bath derp derp face Parenting Fail - 5447817472
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This "Water" Stuff is Great!

baby bath Perfect Timing parenting water - 8158525952
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"Thank" is a Hard Word to Say

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Dad Surprised While Singing During Baby's Bath Time

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Hear Hear to That, Baby

baby bath magnets Parenting Fail - 5407511552
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Gotta Keep them Ice Cold

baby bath camping DIY Parenting Fail redneck - 5328517120
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That's Not the Bath!

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baby expression bath parenting bubbles - 8218063360
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Just in Case the Face Didn't Say it All

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You're up against some stiff competition

bath bathtub rage comic - 5817500160
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The Magical Changing Appendage

bath creepy mom mother Parenting Fail rage comic whoops - 5416421376
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