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Jakk's Mom Just Assumed they Rolled

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All Moms Have to Do This Sometimes

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funny kids tweets about animals

Funniest Dad On Twitter Shares Funny Things His Kids Say About Animals

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Parenting of the Day: Girl Chased By Goose, Dad Laughs Hysterically

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They're Both a Little Shy

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animal memes of pets that grew up with very strict owners

11 Animals Who Grew Up With Strict Parents

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The Animal Evolution Theory of The Little Prince and an Ancient Chinese Scroll

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This Toddler Speaks the Secret Language of Turkeys

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That Looks About Right

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Funny image of a puppy in a shopping cart with a lot of bottles of alcohol - cover photo for a list of funny memes of women bringing home dogs when they weren't meant to

9 Times Wives Told Their Husband That They Now Own A Puppy

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That Makes Sense

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