The Morning After

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By Unknown
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Elegy96's Grandmother Admires the Legs on That Pinot

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Everything a Pregnant Mother Needs in One Location

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By rgtome

Dress Your Child as Your Vices

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By Unknown
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Mom Was Never the Affectionate Type...

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Tanked Tots: Quick! Draw Things on His Face!

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By Meagan Gillis

Take One for the Team, Mom

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By Unknown

Mom Mistakenly Packs Four Loko Into 17-Year-Old's Lunch

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Via KenzieeStrangee
17-year-old McKenzie Strange received a special treat to accompany a granola bar in her brown bag lunch on Tuesday. Mom, who has no idea what Four Loko is, was either oblivious or trying to give her daughter a jump start on a #TurntTuesday. Yes, Mom. You're right... That is sort of like a tea/energy combo. It's also 12% ABV.
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Demonstar's Uncle Wants the Little Ones to Drink Right

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We're All Young Until Reality Gestates In Our Privates

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By Unknown

Come With Me To a World of Pure Inebriation

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Via I Hate My Parents

It's True, You Can't Party With Kids

Via Acid Cow

Get the Kids What they Really Want

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Via npine.tumblr

At Least It Will Put Him to Sleep, Right?

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By ZombieGerbil

Anyone That's Ever Been Hungover Will identify With This Hilarious Hungover Baby

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Help Daddy With His Poor Decisions, Son

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By Unknown
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