Parenting Fails


Sorry, You're Adopted

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The Local Currency Exchange Takes On Adoption

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Toddler Reacts to Getting Adopted and It's Got the Internet in Tears Right Now

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I Don't Trust That Mustache

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A Courtroom Received a Special Disney Transformation for a Little Girl's Adoption

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I Love Them All Equally

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9-Year-Old Successfully Set up a Lemonade Stand to Pay for His Adoption Fees

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Indiana Just Started Installing Drop Boxes for Parents to Leave Their Babies In

image baby adoption Indiana Just Started Installing Drop Boxes for Parents to Leave Their Babies In
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ROFLrazzi Special: No Seriously, I Lost Mine Last Week

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Before You Say Something to an Adoptive Parent, Ask Yourself...

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The Kents Were Superheroes in Their Own Way!

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Complete With Power Steering and Automatic Crying!

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powerpoint tweets adopt cat presentation funny lol aww cute adorable twitter adoption animals cats | Christopher Doyle @chrisdoyle Our daughter made PowerPoint. Attmyfeliow sbing thaugh their ensae impotant wed love t hvcat cat oh yeah yeah Pros getting cat Hamgpets canleer stres lvelsand yoha Sice aat yey dan't heetaket werydayfor es asteale nte ak ataan bchargelcingate Hand Overall, having cat would be pretty fun and cool and like said would take care ENDING l am aware duties taking care pet

Girl Makes A PowerPoint To Convince Parents To Adopt A Cat

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A Higher Authority

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Frank Reynolds On Adoption

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