Some of Us Have to Learn the Hard and Sticky Way

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Created by llama_chic_452
accident crazy things parents say food thanksgiving whoops - 59009283

Never Trust a Turkey Fart

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It's Time to Cut You Off, Sorry

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Created by John

You Give It a Snack And Expect it NOT To Eat?

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Created by Unknown

He'll be Fine, It's Just a Spinning Metal and Plastic Deathtrap!

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Parenting FAILs Gif-Party!

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Too Young to Know How Hard He Just Trolled

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Is that Billy Joel I Hear?

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Taking The Wind Beneath Your Wings Right Out of Your Sails

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Public Parenting News: Wait Until Sunday, the Traffic's Lighter

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Psychic Moms are All-Knowing. Also, Autocorrect.

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Created by Unknown

Hot Noodle Soup: A Toddler's Worst Enemy

accident Parenting Fail ramen smart - 5563437056
Via Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog Intermittently

Parenting FAILs GIF-aganza!

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