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People are Terrible, and Sometimes They're Parents

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Institutionalized, Internalized Sandwich-Making

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BRB, Have to Go Spend Time With My Family Now

Sad kids parenting family g rated - 8042428416
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No One Likes Getting Older

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Halloween Costume FAIL Bonanza!

costume crying DIY halloween nerdgasm Parenting Fail pop culture Sad star wars - 5340230656
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Now He'll Always Be Able to Play With His Baby Brother

Sad kids brother parenting - 8103751168
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Many Feel Your Pain

Sad parenting mom license plate - 8252174848
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Don't Look Sad, You Have an Clever T-Shirt to Comfort You!

Babies Hall of Fame How to Dress Your Child Parenting Fail Sad toddler - 5645951744
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Non-Stop Fun...

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This Little Girl's Crazy Temper Tantrum Has Gone Viral in Russia

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A Grieving Father Asked Redditors to Photoshop a Picture of His Late Baby Daughter Without Any Tubes. The Response Was Heartwarming.

Sad feels Reddit - 8257317120
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Four-Year-Old Devastated to Learn That Pictures Can Be Deleted

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A Father's Tribute

dad parenting Sad tattoos - 8140769280
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Toddlers and Tiaras Tuesdays! Laugh, Cry, Recoil, These Are Appropriate Reactions.

beauty pageant creepy Parenting Fail Sad toddler toddlers-tiaras - 5437136128
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Mom, This Fast Food Does Not Represent the State of My Damned Soul

disappointed emo fast food goth hipster mom Parenting Fail Sad - 5554081024
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Reach for the Stars! Sorry, I Meant Spatula

book dreams job kids book Parenting Fail Sad - 5356029184
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