Business Baby is Working the Boardroom Before He Can Work the Bathroom

Reddit user C0LDBLUERIBB0N posted this image Monday afternoon, and the internet was off and running.
Business Baby
Business Baby (also known by the ironically less-than-safe-for-work "No Bullsh*t Business Baby) already has its own Know Your Meme page here.

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memes burgers pawpaw Sad Pawpaw Had a Giant Cookout and He Isn't Sad Anymore!
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Hey, remember that sad Pawpaw who ate a lonely burger when only one of his grandkids came to dinner?  Of course you do, because he later promised to host a cookout for everyone. 

Well, he did! And it worked out. 

via @tamerra_nikol

via @vickybumgarner

Well, except that his grandkids failed him once again:

via @mikflawless