High Dive

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Sober Driver Tho

FAIL drunk driving parenting - 8817854720
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bicycle FAIL parenting crash Video win - 83376129

This is the First Clue Your Kid Might Become a Daredevil

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One Dad's Emojional Valentine Snap is Also Something His Kid Can Never Un-See

funny fail image dad shares valentine's day dick pick snap with his kid by accident
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It's a Very Official School Company Letter, Don't Question It Mom

funny fail image little kid tries to forge school letter
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pain FAIL cute karate hands parenting Video - 78676225

Little Karate Kid Holds it Together After Breaking a Board For as Long as He Could

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internet roasts a mom

Moronic Parent Asks Internet How To Get Her Kid to Stop Crying After Yelling At Her

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Son of a Beach

FAIL kids beach parenting - 8816887808
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Why Can't You Just Dress Him as a Dinosaur Like Everyone Else?

baby costume FAIL parenting - 8170813184
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FAIL parenting science Video - 79012097

That Had a One-in-a-Melon Chance of Happening

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FAIL mothers day kids parenting Video - 60855553

The Number One Enemy When Serving Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed: Gravity

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Family Christmas Photo Fail!

FAIL kids parenting christmas card funny - 7589773568
By Mtheory75
FAIL kids parenting - 77747201

Pure Confidence Can Make Up For Almost Anything (Almost)

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Just a Couple of Pool Sharks

Babies baby FAIL pool parenting - 8803638272
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A collection of the worst ways that kids ended up embarrassing children.

Worst Ways Adults Were Embarrassed By Children

Kids can be ruthless.
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A Fitting License Plate for a Mobile Baby Factory

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