Caught in the Act

Awkward baby family portrait feet gross Parenting Fail - 5590919680
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That Profile Pic, Though

kid walks in on parents having sex dad delivers perfect response
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Of all the WB Characters to Dress Up as, the Water Tower?

Awkward costume DIY halloween Parenting Fail - 5352686848
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This Looks Like a Job For...

fap Awkward comic superhero - 6760692480
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Not Much Different From Raising a Human Family, Naturally

Awkward creepy family photo family portrait monkey Parenting Fail pets wait what - 5408196352
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Do You HAVE to Do That Now, Mom?

Babies onesies diapers Awkward parenting - 7997502976
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Everybody On Three: "DERP"

Awkward baby derp family photo family portrait Parenting Fail parents - 5554119936
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And He's Reminded Every Day

Awkward dad family photo Parenting Fail shirt - 5390222080
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The Village People Called

Awkward - 6031197184
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I Guess Trump's Fame Has It's Limits, It Can't Make His Daughter Let Him Kiss Her on TV

funny political fail gif Trump kiss rejected by daughter after debate
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Awkward crazy things parents say dad sexy alone times the talk - 57830659

Themetalpunky's Dad Thought it Inappropriate to Have the Talk Right There

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Small Talk With a Small Human

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Everything Embarrassing You've Ever Done

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MILFs share the cringiest and saddest stories of advances they've received from younger men.

31 MILFs Share Stories of Saddest and Cringiest Advances They've Received From Younger Men

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Poor Fishy

kids Awkward teething parenting - 7897023744
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FAIL Awkward parenting funny Video - 84584449

Parents Explaining Periods to Their Kids Is Instant Awkward Comedy Gold

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