men and women are flocking to tiktok and twitter right now to figure out how men hold it when they pee

"When Boys Pee, Do They Hold It Like a Joint or a Cigarette?" Is the Viral Question Trending on Twitter and TikTok Right Now

This question just brings so many more questions. Who knew there were so many different ways to hold that thing?? Social media is coming through and providing the answers
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tiktok series where women shows all the haunted homes for sale is going viral

Realtor Is Going Viral for Her Videos of Haunted Real Estate Currently On the Market Asking Viewers If the Price is Worth the Hate

It's a series she started on her TikTok account called “Is the Real Estate Worth the Hate?” It's already three episodes in and true crime fans are flocking to watch.
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customer support customer service scammer funny texts trolling text - 16364037

Entitled Idiot Wants Their Deposit Back After Last-Minute Cancelling of Appointment, Gets Trolled

Hey, I remember that guy from school!
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funny not my job fails

"Not My Job" Moments That Left The Hard Stuff To Someone Else

Close enough.
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kids birthday pro revenge revenge petty revenge parenting parents - 16362757

Mean Girl Kicks Girl Out of Her Birthday Party, Stellar Mother Irate, Takes Back Presents

An important part of being a kid is learning that your actions have consequences. When you behave or treat someone poorly, poor things will happen to you. These lessons classically condition us to behave well and treat others with the respect they are warranted. Hopefully, they will also teach us to respect ourselves and the way that others treat us too. This was an important lesson that this girl hopefully learned when u/WovenAesthetic 's mother took back their gift. Although, maybe that's opt…
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customer service great resignation retail baby boomers food fast food - 16362245

Baby Boomer Coworker Quits After One Shift at Food Service Job, Shocked at the Low Pay for "All That Work"

"I can't believe they only pay you $9.50/hr to do all that work!"
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husband leaves wife in economy class to take business class seat

Dude Ditches Wife In Economy Class, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's a 12 hour flight.
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tinder woman upset guy doesn't offer dinner

Tinder Lady Demands Dinner Date And Gets Hostile, Guy Dodges Bullet

The classic "If you were a real man you'd know why I'm upset."
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Funny construction worker jokes are trending and going viral on TikTok

Construction Workers Are Showing Off Their Fake "Skills" and "Pro Tips" On TikTok Right Now, Going Hilariously Viral

They take pride in their work! But also, after working such a physically and mentally demanding job, you need some time to joke around with some people who really get it.
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stupid things people said

The Dumbest Things People Heard Out Of Another Person's Mouth

Why are people like this.
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Viral TikTok Has Now Gained Indian Farmers Modifying the Tractors as a Trend

Twitter Thread Uncovers Insane Viral TikTok Subculture of Indian Farmers Pimping Out Their Tractors, Even Though the App Is Banned In India

Tractors covered in speakers, some running on solar energy, killer paint jobs, flashing lights, popping wheelies—like, whoa. These farmers are hella cool. Looks like India could ban the app, but couldn't ban tractor modifications' viral-worthiness.
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teens dating fails university teenagers relationships online dating college dating - 16355845

People Share Blindly Obvious Signs They Missed That Someone Was Into Them

We've probably all had these moments of missed hints, overlooked cues, complete obliviousness. These things come hand in hand with the coy games of courtship that take place when you're just starting to feel all of “it” out. And feeling “it” out? That's probably one of the more universal parts of the human experience and the outré affair that is adolescence. There's always that lingering doubt of “will they or won't they” and the wont to hide one's true desires in order to save face should they…
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revenge petty revenge - 16355589

Flower Shop Reneges on Promised Funeral Arangements, Daughter's Boyfriend's Revenge Saves the Day

When OhThatAngela 's friend's mother died they began making funeral arrangements. They ordered flowers from the store recommended by the funeral home and ordered $1,400 worth of flowers from them. Things went sideways when a big snowstorm hit. The funeral home said that all weekend deliveries would be pushed to Sunday. Except they didn't deliver Sunday, so the delivery was going to have to be on Monday instead. Which meant no delivery in time for the funeral. I have to say, this part is underst…
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drama siblings stepbrother grandma family estranged Father - 16355333

Irredeemable Schism Forms as Dad Gives Grandma's House to Step-Son While She's Still Breathing, She Disinherits Him

An estranged father. A grandmother whose home had been wrongfully gifted. These two pieces set the stage.
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pro revenge neighbors revenge bad neighbors prorevenge Reddit neighbor - 16354309

Dude Turns Terrible Neighbor's Own Games Against Them, Takes Them On in All-Out Warfare

Colonies of feral cats are the ultimate weapons.
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funny stupid kids

Dumb Times Kids Proved That They're Strange Creatures

Well, they're the future anyway.
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