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Guitarists Get All the Groupies!

guitars youtube comments mom - 7079057664
By Unknown

Could Be Worse... Apparently

FRIDAY youtube comments Rebecca Black - 7349008896
By Unknown

This Beat is Ass

youtube comments beats - 6940544000
By Unknown

O-O-O-O-O, O-Oreo, What's in the Middle?

youtube comments - 6739891200
By Unknown

I've Been Really Tryin' Baby

youtube comments - 6760081152
By Unknown
lyrics music videos youtube comments - 47784449

This Song's Lyrics Come Entirely from Youtube Comments...

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Walk Off the Plank

comment gotye somebody that i used to k Walk Off the Earth youtube youtube comments - 6187922432
By jackjohn

A Brief History of Music

music history youtube comments - 6715375360
By pablithemantis

Music FAILS: Family Planning

comment youtube youtube comments - 6165041152
By Unknown

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

queen bohemian rhapsody youtube comments call me maybe - 6932102144
By savannamia

What If Chuck Norris Let the Dogs Out AND Touched MC Hammer?

baha men comment mc hammer u-cant-touch-this who let the dogs out youtube youtube comments - 6238728192
By Unknown

Watch Out, We Got a Badass Over Here!

youtube comments dave murray iron maiden - 7118803200
By JMJMad1

Anyone Got a Question for the What-If Machine?

my chemical romance youtube comments - 7303418112
By Unknown

Oh Look, There Goes Jesus on His Brontosaurus

comment youtube youtube comments - 6187904000
By Unknown

Wah Wah Wah

metallica youtube comments - 7159767808
By ajelzrulez

Fool! Everyone Knows the Original Was By Perry Como

marilyn manson youtube comments - 6518317824
By OwlSaint
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