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Not-Skrillex FAIL

christian rock comments dubstep skrillex Star Trek youtube youtube comments - 6103532288
By Snow_Farron

There's Something Wrong With My Copy of DSotM!

Dark Side of the Moon pink floyd youtube comments - 6925481472
By Unknown

I've Been Really Tryin' Baby

youtube comments - 6760081152
By Unknown

Kony Rae Jepsen

call me maybe carly rae jepsen comment Kony kony 2012 youtube youtube comments - 6205749504
By Unknown
justin bieber one direction youtube comments youtube failbook - 56441345

Teenage Girl Youtube Comments: The Neo-Noir Edition

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Watch Out, We Got a Badass Over Here!

youtube comments dave murray iron maiden - 7118803200
By JMJMad1

Player Four Has Entered the Game

Beethoven Chopin youtube comments mozart Bach classical music - 7055978752
By manga-samurai

A Brief History of Music

music history youtube comments - 6715375360
By pablithemantis

Wah Wah Wah

metallica youtube comments - 7159767808
By ajelzrulez

The More You Know

youtube comments - 6521106432
By Nick-Dog

What If Chuck Norris Let the Dogs Out AND Touched MC Hammer?

baha men comment mc hammer u-cant-touch-this who let the dogs out youtube youtube comments - 6238728192
By Unknown

Your Time is Gonna Come

led zeppelin Lord of the Rings youtube comments - 6979780864
By Unknown

Where's the Diversity?

youtube comments violin stereotypes - 6847511552
By Unknown

i <3 Joston Beeburr (sW@G)

youtube comments nicki minaj justin bieber - 7301938176
By Unknown

Guitarists Get All the Groupies!

guitars youtube comments mom - 7079057664
By Unknown

The Only Instrument That Will Make You Rich

comment money pink floyd youtube youtube comments - 6381588736
By HighTax (Via YouTube)
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