Trolled Softly

comparison the Beatles trolled trolling - 6142432768
Created by Scatman765

Can't We All Just Get Along?

muse radiohead trolling - 6067721472
Created by Reallyfunnyname

Cue The Black Metal Diehards

black metal comic trolling - 6435152384
Created by brody19

The Objective Truth

dubstep rock troll trolling - 6099881216
Created by Unknown

Trolling: You're Doing it Right

trolling vinyl records rick astley Rick Rolled - 7101156608
Created by Unknown

Undercover Mastodon Fan

James Hetfield Mastodon metallica troll trolling - 6310636288
Created by Alexconnor2010 ( Via Reddit )

Sorry Guys, It's the Future

electronic genres guitar trolling - 6035302912
Created by Unknown

R.I.P. One Direction

one direction pop prank r-i-p trolling youtube youtube comments - 6322140672
Created by Unknown

Aerosmith With Funny Faces!

trolling the rolling stones - 6827787776
Created by Unknown


bob dylan dead Death r-i-p troll trolling - 6388926208
Created by jackjohn

The Wroth of Van Halen Fans

trolling van halen - 6483899392
Created by morland42