I Don't Care for This Woman

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Seems to Be a Popular Sentiment

rock signs rap Music FAILS g rated - 6923188736
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What About the Jam?

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Ezekiel 26:13

bonnaroo faith religion rock satan - 6332806144
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What I Learned in School

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Garage, Indie, Progressive, Acid, Shock, Kraut, Math,

classic rock comic hard rock punk rock school test - 5891232256
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Classical ≠ Classic

classic classic rock classical comic rage comic rock - 6099424000
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You Know Those Guitars That are Like... Double Guitars?

guitar guitars Music Music FAILS musician rock - 6532008704
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classic rock comic rock today i will listen to x - 6392457728

That's The Sound of Dreams Dying

rock Music g rated - 7709462784
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acdc rock - 6301106688
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They're Both Good

electronic guitar rock - 6092360704
Created by icecoldrum

A ___-Man Band

blues comic electronic genre hip hop pop rock - 5930200320
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