Funny dank memes about Kid Cudi's humming | cudi starts humming Bobby Hill astral projecting | kid cudi humming Kermit the Frog tucking a teddy bear to sleep

Kid Cudi's Humming Is Majorly Therapeutic For Depressed Millennials

People REALLY love his humming.
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I Can Still Do It: 83-Year-Old Rapper Still Makes the Panties Drop

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Do I Look Like Mozart?

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The Hood, He Lives in It

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memes that generalize various pop music artists | cover image of two memes, Kanye West looking a little dumbstruck with caption about how his music is for men who think they are woke after watching a youtube conspiracy video and the second meme of Billie Eilish wearing weird green make up and how her music is for girls who think their drug addiction makes them a beautiful disaster.

Pop Music Artists Get Roasted In These Hater Memes

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Then Why Is His Name "Yo Yo?"

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Roman Rerolled

nicki minaj pun rap rapper - 6128746752
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Texas Instruments in the Hizzouse, Yo

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