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Never a Bone

band comic dating forever alone guitar Hall of Fame musician rage comic relationships - 5801912320
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Strung Out

comic guitar rage comic strings - 5935507968
Created by Unknown

DJ Rage

club rage comic - 6239024896
Created by KoBuKi

Music FAILS: On the Radio

comic mainstream radio rage comic - 6046849536
Created by evan1007


comic dio emo metal metalhead rage comic - 5955316480
Created by Unknown

Did You Ever Feel Like a Plastic Plebian?

comic katy perry mainstream pop rage comic - 6188915712
Created by Unknown

They Zeppelin-ed In

Music rage comic funny - 7442299136
Created by Unknown

As Metal As My Abs

comic manowar metal rage comic - 6402607104
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Newfriends Can't Creep

chords comic creep guitar radiohead rage comic - 6031949568
Created by Unknown

Filtered Through the Industry

artist comic hot problems music industry rage comic - 6161417728
Created by Unknown

The Day I Discovered Real Headphones

comic headphones quality rage comic - 6230913280
Created by Unknown

Musica Magistra Vitae

comic gay lame rage comic - 6152884736

What If We Are All Hipsters?

comic hipster rage comic - 5849308416
Created by Unknown

Bitter Squeak Symphony

cello comic fast food food McDonald's orchestra rage comic - 6443022592
Created by Unknown

Shuffle Is for Suckers

comic ipod rage comic shuffle - 6008542208
Created by Unknown

Maybe You Should Try Listening to More Than One Song

alarm comic on repeat rage comic repeat waking up - 6013398784
Created by Unknown