pun tupac - 6251056640
Created by Unknown

DJ Flesh Wound

dj pun scratch - 6344656640
Created by Unknown

Error: There is No Such Thing as "Unsweet" Ice T

ice t pun - 6764029440
Created by Unknown

Ag-Star Pun, Bro

Chemistry freddie mercury pun queen science - 6375532800
Via Wirdou

Blink 182 Those Tears Away

blink 182 pun Sad text texting tom delonge - 6209624832
Created by Unknown

How Emu-sing

a cappella acapella pun - 5854148864
Created by Unknown
Hall of Fame Music FAILS pun puns Video - 34415617

Music FAILS: The Marmoset Song

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Two Minutes to Defrost

g rated iron maiden metal microwave Music FAILS pun - 6008527872
Created by Unknown

Arrrternative Radio

pirates pun - 6450882560
Via Gemma Correll

Pope Hetfield IX

Master of Puppets metal metallica pope pun religion the pope - 6278082560
Via Reddit

Don't even move!

notation notes pun puns rest - 5915273984
Created by LOLdogexpert

Ol' Papa Rollins

bill cosby black flag fresh prince henry rollins pun - 5906943488
Created by Unknown

What About the Jam?

lame pun puns rock - 6453255168
Created by Unknown


limp bizkit pun store - 5801658112
Created by Unknown

Night Light

led zeppelin pun - 6399587072
Created by Unknown

It Was Then That I Dropped You

christian dubstep facebook pun wub - 6048868864
Created by Unknown
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