Ermahgerd! Leddy Gur Gur!

Ermahgerd iTunes lady gaga playlist - 6429445376
Created by Unknown

I Feel Like This Playlist Is Trying to Tell Me Something, But I'm Not Sure What

katy perry limp bizkit lionel richie nirvana pixies playlist - 6399143424
Created by Mortuaryjoe

The DJ's on a Roll

iTunes playlist rickroll - 6255689216
Created by Unknown

I'm Pretty Sure Biggie Never Repped the West Side

Biggie biggie smalls hip hop notorious-b-i-g pandora playlist - 6453296896
Created by Spectre_Toby

Song Titles on a N00b's Playlist

blur bob marley david bowie frank zappa playlist smashing pumpkins the Beatles the who - 6457896448
Created by elflo