Crust Punk

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If It Wasn't Made in the '60s or Last Week, I'm Not Interested

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Aw Snap!

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What Dubstep Sounds Like to Your Parents

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Wu-Tang Fans Are Getting Older

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Something Longtime Mixtape Makers and IT Technicians Have in Common

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Hipster Printer

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Reality Killed the Video Star

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Did Nobody Tell Him About the iPod?

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Guiltye Pleasures

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Old Man Take a Look at My Life, I'm a Lot Like You

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Easy-Listening Bauhaus Covers

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Aging Angus

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Your Grandpa's Hip-Hop

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It Happened to YOUUUUUU

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Created by cephadex

Every Time I Try to Get a Piece of Mind, Someone Tries to Get a Piece of Mine

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Created by Bananashredder
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