That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

Can't Fight for Your Right to Party

first world metal problem metal rap - 5996460032
Via Reddit
cover Game of Thrones metal television TV Video - 36262913

Ga\m/e of Thrones

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Svrfing Norway

corpse paint metal Norway - 6388770304
By Unknown

Some Have Better Timing Than Others

bad luck brian computer meme metal success kid - 6280091136
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Slayer-Brand Wine Is Perfect for Cooking the Sacrificial Goat

alcohol metal product slayer wine - 6070236416
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But I Only Listen to It Ironically

accordion folk hipster metal - 5912617472
By Unknown

Trve Kvlt Stitches

metal - 6206307584
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It's Really Just About the Booze

beer black metal metal - 6388780288
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Not Brutal Enuff

metal poser - 6529393920
By Unknown

The Church of Maiden

church iron maiden metal - 6312441344
By icanhazmetallica

Maybe Because This Is the South End

iron maiden metal - 6064712960
By JMJMad1

This Is Your Brain on ______ Music

Chart genre indie metal pop - 6304634112
By Unknown

My Hip's More Metal Than You

metal grandma slayer Music g rated - 7847238144
By Unknown

Safe in My Ring of Joy

hate metal slipknot - 5844190464
By Unknown
guitar metal Music Video there I fixed it - 78374145

You'll Really Dig the Sick Metal This Guy Makes Out of a Shovel-Turned-Guitar

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Satan n' Eggs

cake metal slayer - 6062586368
By Unknown
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