That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

The More Illegible the Better

black metal demotivational metal - 6304636416
Created by Unknown

Turntable FM Is the Devil's Playground

666 iron maiden metal turntable - 6234986752
Created by jackjohn ( Via Reddit )
baby child headbanging metal pantera Video - 33499905

Junior Headbangers League

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Is It Because I'm Metal?

corpse paint forever alone metal school - 6045342976
Created by Unknown

It's Really Just About the Booze

beer black metal metal - 6388780288
Via Reddit

Crust Punk

comment death metal metal old youtube - 5883013888
Created by Unknown

This Should Give Norway's Space Exploration Boost

metal Music g rated - 7888694784
Via did you know blog

Brvtal Koala

animals death metal metal - 6331725056
Via Reddit
child metal parenting Video - 39581697

Eight-Year-Old Power (Metal)

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Do I Lose My Metalhead Card?

metal Music slayer Confession Bear funny - 7498985216
See all captions Created by Unknown

Speed Metal Dating

dating g rated megadeth metal Motörhead Music FAILS slayer - 6306887680
Created by Unknown

Happy Burzday!

black metal Burzum gifs metal varg varg vikernes - 6121045760
Created by Unknown
animals cat drummer drumming drums metal Video - 39256065

Death Metal Fat Cat Drummer

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But If There's No Screaming or Satan, It Just Drones On and On

meme metal Morpheus satan satanic what if i told you - 6240483072
Via Reddit

Nice Faces, Labrie

Dream Theater face metal - 6220198400
Created by Opusmortalis

Kvlt Kitties

Cats corpse paint gifs metal - 6412495872
Created by Unknown
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