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There's a Sign on the Wall, But I Want to Be Sure

led zeppelin sign stairway to heaven - 6172714752
Created by Unknown

Can't You Read the Sign?

gifs led zeppelin stairway to heaven - 6534709248
Created by Unknown

Badass Level Over 9000

led zeppelin - 7668913920
Created by ledzep6880 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

... And They Totally "Phoned it in" for the Title of the 4th Album

led zeppelin - 6925466112
Created by Unknown

Band Cakes, More Delicious than Tees

led zeppelin Music pink floyd bands - 7556696064
Created by Unknown

This Never Worked When I Tried It

led zeppelin guitars violins Jimmy Page - 7307269632
Created by Unknown

How About Freebird?

classic rock deep purple guitars guns n roses led zeppelin rock smoke on the water stairway to heaven - 5801544960
Via Reddit


comic led zeppelin today i will listen to x - 6507735040
Created by Unknown

You'll Play 70s Riffs and You'll LIKE It

g rated guitar keha led zeppelin lessons Music FAILS music teacher teacher the Beatles - 5911418880
Created by Unknown

Zep Were Doing It Before It Was Cool

iron maiden led zeppelin - 5970723840
Created by bantam67

Take Him to the Gallows Pole

led zeppelin robert plant justin bieber - 7307271168
Created by Unknown

Good on Ya, Spidey

led zeppelin my chemical romance Spider-Man - 7242264320
Created by SquidInTheSky99

I Guess This is Where We Part Ways

acdc led zeppelin comic - 6900613120
Created by Unknown

Compared to the Exalted Jimmy, Thou Art But a Mere Child

child guitar guitarist Jimmy Page led zeppelin - 6077569024
Created by rotide462

Comparison FAIL

facebook gotye led zeppelin lyrics mainstream Music nicki minaj Then And Now - 6124472832
Created by tee

Your Time is Gonna Come

led zeppelin - 6861537792
Created by Unknown
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