Your Mistake Was Putting Your iTunes on Shuffle

iTunes shuffle - 6476279296
By Unknown

The DJ's on a Roll

iTunes playlist rickroll - 6255689216
By Unknown

Not Quite a Match

Bieber iTunes justin bieber metallica - 6448113920
By FelixB666XD

Seriously iTunes?

50 cent eminem FAIL iTunes - 7891265792
By semiruralyeti

And Which Level of Hell is This?

iTunes 4chan linkin park - 6842962432
By Unknown

Looks Like the Music Industry Is Ruined

google iTunes Music FAILS - 6322890240
By Unknown

Something Went Horribly Wrong

one direction Music iTunes FAIL funny - 7578888704
By ahhhchew

Schizo iTunes Is Schizo

iTunes - 6033458432

Scumbag iTunes

scumbag iTunes - 6992016384
By fordps3

What is This For? To "Purchase" Music? What Does That Even Mean?

iTunes - 7119724544
Via Reddit

Eh, I'll Just Wait for the Next Update

iTunes Lord of the Rings update - 6402501632
By Unknown

Only The Dead May Know Peace From This Incompetence

comic iTunes parenting - 6430758400
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

Go Home iTunes, You're Drunk

metallica iTunes justin bieber funny - 7282436352

Ermahgerd! Leddy Gur Gur!

Ermahgerd iTunes lady gaga playlist - 6429445376
By Unknown

Yeah... "Metal"

iTunes red hot chili peppers heavy metal bon jovi - 6934718720
By Unknown