Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

Music FAILS: Give the Drummer Some

drummer drumming drums g rated Hall of Fame Music FAILS - 5892445952
Created by Keichi

Name YOUR Heavy Metal Band!

band names g rated Hall of Fame heavy metal metal Music FAILS names - 6285216256
Created by shkinnyburger

Never a Bone

band comic dating forever alone guitar Hall of Fame musician rage comic relationships - 5801912320
Via Rage Comics

Are YOU the 21 Percent?

Hall of Fame rick astley rick roll rickroll - 6437276160

Metal Is SUPER Effective Against Bat-Type Pokemon

bats Hall of Fame Ozzy Osbourne Pokémon - 6078618112
Via Deviant Art

What You Can do With the Money You Don't Spend on Nickelback

Ad concert g rated Hall of Fame live Music FAILS newspaper nickelback - 6310473728
Created by Unknown

Can't Stop Won't Stop

cartoons flowchart graph Hall of Fame practicing - 5806396672
Created by Unknown


Hall of Fame metal metallica shopping - 5965328640
Via Reddit

Why Justin Bieber Is Objectively Better Than Kurt Cobain

Hall of Fame justin bieber kurt cobain tweet twitter - 6336293376
Created by Unknown

I've Got a Feeling in My Ass

ass Hall of Fame song - 6061195264
Created by Unknown

What Is This, a Violin for GIANTS?

classical Hall of Fame names orchestra strings violin - 5935509760
Created by Unknown

Music FAILS: The Six Levels of Social Self-Exile

g rated genre genres Hall of Fame mainstream Music FAILS - 5940513536
Created by Unknown
yoko ono katy perry firework music video Music FAILS g rated Hall of Fame best of week - 45602305

Yoko Ono's Rendition of Katy Perry's "Firework"

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car g rated gotye Hall of Fame head Music FAILS old Video YT video - 39658241

Guiltye Pleasures

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Music FAILS: These Puns B Sharp

classical facebook g rated Hall of Fame Music FAILS puns - 5949323008
Created by JuanSmith

They Key of Bitch-Flat

Hall of Fame key score - 5849123584
Created by Unknown