Half the Time, it Works Everytime

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Slap Happy

gif miley cyrus wrecking ball - 7795597824
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Must Incorporate This Move Into My Repertoire

dancing gif Music funny - 7554897152
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She Really Is A Witch

gif hannah montana - 7960340992
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Some People Think That's All it Takes

gif Music avril lavigne SNL funny - 7625387520
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Every Adventure Needs a Little Music

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It's The Circle of Life

gif kanye west north west - 7978980864
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Always Finish Strong

gif Music drummers funny - 7582329344
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I'd Look Like That Too...

gif Music funny justin bieber g rated - 7614151936
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'Pretty Hurts' Review

beyoncé gif - 7970013440
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It's A Tough Dance

dance britney spears gif - 7958312192
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When Worlds Collide

gif taylor swift Justin Timberlake - 7929284864
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We're Doing Great Up Here Too!

fun gif Music funny - 7622367232
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The Power of Music

gif Music concert funny - 7521797376
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Still a Better Drummer Than Bieber

gif Music SpongeBob SquarePants drummers funny - 7601669120
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