Ellen be all Like Gaht DAMN!

ellen degeneres funny katy perry dating fails g rated - 7053895168
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Unlikely Traveling Companions

snoop lion Music funny - 7530957824
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Doo Wee Doo

Music tardis doctor who sheet music time signature funny - 7477332224
Created by Unknown

Yeah, That Sounds About Right

Music violins sheet music funny g rated - 7628278016
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This is Also What I'd Do if I Met Nas

Music kids funny - 7554889216
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Looks Like It's Been Half-Stepped On

Music trombones puns marching band funny g rated - 7565494272
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Why I Don't Play the Trumpet

Music FAIL trumpet funny g rated - 7449004544
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The Dark Side of Geometry

Music pink floyd funny - 7443328256
Created by aris.hoath ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Best Text Ever

Music single ladies beyoncé text emoticons funny - 7446138112
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The Easiest Way to Draw Attention to the Bass Section

Music puns funny avengers g rated - 7507490560
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Don't We All Wish Our Hair Did That?

megadeth Music funny g rated - 7572125952
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Taylor Swift Problems

taylor swift Music twitter First World Problems funny - 7495666176

Spoiler Alert?

Dark Side of the Moon pink floyd Music funny - 7448802560
Created by Unknown

The Romance is Gone

the Beatles Music twitter song lyrics funny - 7568597248
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Man Purse Lvl: Percussion

Music funny - 7562232832
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Mathematician Corey Taylor

Music math funny - 7438937856
Created by Unknown
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