Joy Diwhatnow?

Music tumblr joy division T.Shirt funny g rated - 7510360320
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Nothing But Prank Calls All Day Long

Music funny - 7607909632
By Alexconnor2010

Good Advice

Music puns sheet music funny - 7514484992
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Memes poking fun at the oscars 2019 academy awards ceremony and those attending and their outfits and dresses

The Best Oscar 2019 Memes That Will Have You Smiling At Your Phone Like An Idiot (28 Memes)

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Music eurovision funny - 50501121

A Musical Tribute to Sweden

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Music baby Pearl Jam funny Video win cute g rated - 50379009

Pearl Jam Baby WIN

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It's Deliriovsly Long

Music lil wayne funny - 7445979648
By Magnusaurus
Music mariah carey FAIL funny g rated - 51671553

Mariah Misses Her High Notes

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...Now What Do I Do?

Music FAIL funny orchestra - 7628270336
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A Moustache Ukulele: Most Hipster Thing Ever?

Music hipster funny ukulele - 7622584576
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Things You Shouldn't Do at a Concert

Music FAIL concert etiquette funny g rated - 7553103872
By Ajay Ramtohul

Intonation is Important

Music puns funny - 7514407680
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Do You Remember C-Watches?

Music nostalgia nsync Justin Timberlake funny - 7537225472
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Kids These Days

vinyl Music King of the hill funny - 7625385728
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You Really Shouldn't Be So Surprised

Music sheet music funny g rated - 7604562688
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Was She Born in Year Zero?

NIN Music nine inch nails funny - 7599304192
By Unknown
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