freddie mercury

Sing it loud and proud Freddie Mercury. If you are a Queen, or just love the historic rock band, you will be rocking your socks off with these hilarious Freddie puns.


freddie mercury michael jackson duets - 7709416192
By Unknown

Strutcho Stuff

queen freddie mercury gifs - 7101631744
By Unknown

Obviously Conflicted

queen freddie mercury facebook darth vader - 7341113600
By Laura3lizabeth

Music FAILS: We'll Give Freddie a Pass

freddie mercury g rated Hall of Fame Music FAILS queen - 6078363904
By Unknown

Rhap Sody B**ch, Rhap Rhap Sody B**ch

queen freddie mercury bohemian rhapsody - 6739113984
By TCMdoubleL

Starbucks has Raised the Bar

freddie mercury signs david bowie Music - 7389358336
By Unknown

Faith in Legocity Restored

queen Music freddie mercury lego funny win - 7601656576
Via Niknaks Blog

Build Me Somebody to Love

freddie mercury lego legos queen - 6192621568
By Unknown

Why Can't I Put My Fist Down?

comic freddie mercury queen today i will listen to x - 6365412608
By shamrock7

But I thought Math is the Queen of Science!

freddie mercury queen - 6588595200
By Unknown

Freddie Mercury CD Inception

queen freddie mercury cds - 7740301568
By Unknown

Ag-Star Pun, Bro

Chemistry freddie mercury pun queen science - 6375532800
Via Wirdou

Hey There, Handsome

album album cover freddie mercury queen - 6015461376
By Unknown

You Calling Me Gay? I'll Take That as a Compliment!

one direction queen freddie mercury gay - 6715708672
By Unknown

The Superior Artist

beyoncé bohemian rhapsody freddie mercury lyrics queen - 6433912064
By Unknown

So Famous, Elizabeth Named Herself After Freddie Mercury's Band

england freddie mercury queen - 6297506304
By Sponge-lemon
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