freddie mercury

Sing it loud and proud Freddie Mercury. If you are a Queen, or just love the historic rock band, you will be rocking your socks off with these hilarious Freddie puns.

Queen Vader

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By Unknown

So Famous, Elizabeth Named Herself After Freddie Mercury's Band

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By Sponge-lemon

Draw Your Own Conclusions

beyoncé bohemian rhapsody freddie mercury g rated lyrics Music FAILS queen - 6414230784
By Unknown

Starbucks has Raised the Bar

freddie mercury signs david bowie Music - 7389358336
By Unknown

The Queen of Draw Something

draw something freddie mercury queen - 6246237184

Placement WIN

butt freddie mercury meta queen - 6105612032
By tweekmorgan4dictator
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Revel in the Genius of the "Under Pressure" Vocal Track All by Itself

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Queen Sucks

freddie mercury pun queen vacuum vacuum cleaner - 6310529536
By Unknown

Poorly Dressed: We Will Flock You

angry birds freddie mercury T.Shirt - 6616233984
By Unknown

You Calling Me Gay? I'll Take That as a Compliment!

one direction queen freddie mercury gay - 6715708672
By Unknown

Good Guy Freddie

freddie mercury queen we will rock you - 6545000704
By Unknown

Trust in the Mustache

advice dating freddie mercury queen women - 6365414144
By shamrock7

Faith Rising...

Music freddie mercury funny justin bieber - 7511411712
By fordps3

I've Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is Queen

queen freddie mercury youtube comments justin bieber - 7079278848
By Unknown

The Superior Artist

beyoncé bohemian rhapsody freddie mercury lyrics queen - 6433912064
By Unknown

How Many Song Writers Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

queen freddie mercury beyoncé - 7240136960
By Unknown
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