Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

The Faces of Dubstep

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drugs King of the hill minor threat weed - 6157176064
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Stop Crying to Adele and Start Rolling to Wiz Khalifa's Version of 'Hello'

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Hey Kids! Do as Bieber Does!

Bieber drugs justin bieber pop satan satanic - 6019815680
By Unknown

Lennon Needs to Learn to Share His Coke

drugs john lennon lennon the Beatles - 5801197568
By Unknown

A Fail-Proof Plan

school Dave Grohl drugs Music FAILS g rated - 7133241600
By Unknown

What Happened, Snoop?

Before And After drugs hip hop rap snoop dogg - 6184722432
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Please Note That We Are Trolling You

drugs Hall of Fame Keith Richards Ozzy Osbourne whitney houston women - 5912243712
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The Drugs Aren't Mandatory

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He Came Back From the Dead Just to Show Up Charlie Sheen

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By Anonymous

Tour Van WIN

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By drstrangeluv (Via Kid Savant)

Rehab in the Deep

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By Anonymous (Via Autocowrecks)

That Would Never Hap... Wait a Second

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Music FAILS: The 90's Were an Ugly Time

aids drugs graffiti rock n roll sex techno time - 5801946368
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It's Just a Coincidence

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