Youtube Categorization Fail

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By mrsattila

Coldplay <3 Radiohead

coldplay comic radiohead Thom Yorke - 5907191552
By Unknown

I Have Feels Too

coldplay lyrics - 6598820864
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Coldplay's Setlist

spoof coldplay - 6936529152

The Music Patrick Bateman Would Murder By If American Psycho Took Place Today

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By Unknown

Five Albums and Counting

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By Greg (Via Cracked)
coldplay medley - 55691521

Classical Coldplay Medley

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What He's Trying to Say Is That Coldplay Sucks

coldplay mixtape - 6511061504
Via Endless Origami

Looking Down on All the Bullshyte

coldplay Dave Grohl foo fighters justin bieber - 5943359232
By Unknown

Correction: FROM 1981 Until about 2000

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By vwh1994
adam yauch beastie boys coldplay live - 37614593

Coldplay's Tribute to the Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch

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coldplay music video - 47232001

"Fix Your Clocks" - A Mashup of Coldplay's "Fix You" and "Clocks" by This String Trio

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