What did I just listen to?

album comic muse today i will listen to x - 6302981120
Created by 100010101000101

A Candid Shot of Jay-Z at Work

album hip hop Jay Z rap vinyl - 5806466304
Created by Unknown

Gone Fishin'

album album cover nirvana - 6133248000
Created by Unknown

Vinyl Album Covers Remixed

album album covers covers vinyl - 6470528512
Created by jackjohn ( Via Laughing Squid )


album Justin Timberlake - 6432046592
Created by Unknown

Jimmy Page Can Count to TWO

album led zeppelin - 6344714496
Created by Unknown

She Doesn't Deserve to Be a Millionaire

album Hall of Fame kid a limp bizkit quiz radiohead who wants to be a millionaire - 5806624512
Created by Unknown

Necrophagist Will Surely Deliver, We Just Have to Wait

album metal - 6488093440
Via Reddit

Mah Fravrit Alberm!!!

90s album Master of Puppets metallica - 6128512768
Via Reddit

Can't It Be Both?

album album cover pr0n rap - 6041406208
Created by Unknown

"Chases," By Wild Goose

album moo obscure - 6476567296
Created by Unknown

Hey There, Handsome

album album cover freddie mercury queen - 6015461376
Created by Unknown

My view on Metallica's albums.

album graph metal metallica - 6469302272
Created by JoePerfect1
album drop dubstep g rated muse Music FAILS Video YT video - 38584065

Muse Turns Dubstep

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Beyoncé Released a New Album Out of the Blue (Ivy) Today, and This Reaction Sums it all Up Perfectly

beyoncé album burn instagram uproxx - 7953597696

It's a Trap!

album free joke nickelback - 5943191296
Created by Unknown
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