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Rocking Out With Your Cockatoo Out to AC/DC

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I Liked This Band for About Half a Song, Then I Got Bored and Changed the Station

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Adventure Time Album Covers

acdc adventure time album covers Aphex Twin Arcade Fire beck cake david bowie g rated kanye west Music FAILS Neutral Milk Hotel nirvana radiohead talking heads the white stripes white stripes Wu-Tang Clan - 5940653056
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It's Only Four Letters, They're Bound to Get It Right Eventually

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Classical Ain't Noise Pollution

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Aging Angus

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Let's Not Forget Angus

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Every Time I Try to Get a Piece of Mind, Someone Tries to Get a Piece of Mine

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But You Don't Have the Biggest of Them All

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I Guess This is Where We Part Ways

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Rock

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They Only Release Albums in Even-Numbered Years

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