That's Pretty Much How it Works

iron maiden justin bieber KISS oasis - 6618827264
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So a Rapper, an '80s Pop Star, and a Glam Rocker Walk Into a Bar...

80s KISS wtf - 5943707648
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Detroit Rock Kiddies

halloween costumes KISS - 6698931200
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Jealous of Gene

facebook glam rock KISS rock - 6013681920
Created by Carolyn Richardson

The Very Special Meeting of KISS and Hockey, Because Gene Simmons Says No to Nothing

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Mr. Snakebite

KISS pun snake - 5996855552
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Literal Traditions

KISS literal - 7939416832
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You've Met One Rock Star, You've Met 'Em All

KISS facebook Gene Simmons Ozzy Osbourne - 7316395008
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Kiss Cat Loves Kiss

cat glam rock KISS - 6298326784
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Do You Even Rock 'N' Roll All Nite?

Elvis Presley KISS - 7077882624
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Photographer Chris Mooney's Christmas Card

KISS - 6894242048
Created by Scott Mooney

Corpse Paint 101

alice cooper corpse paint immortal KISS metal - 6004785920
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It Just Did

car KISS nickelback - 5961663488
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You're Adorable

Music bassists KISS Gene Simmons funny - 7481886208
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Pssh... Maybe 30 Years Ago

Gene Simmons KISS pregnancy prison - 6554325760
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Gene Simmons Feels The Hate

KISS troll Gene Simmons celebrity twitter - 7887076096
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