Thank You, Car Radio, Except When You Play Ear Worms

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Tyler the Creator is at the Grammys and is Making Everyone Uncomfortable

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Chris Brown and Rihanna Can You Please Stop

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Taylor's Only Got One Move

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That Awkward Moment of the Day: A Homecoming Queen Candidate Wants Nirvana to Record a Greeting for Her

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A cheap musician claims that artist's rate is robbery. | saw back on scene again My band and are heading up big release and my label said they're gonna handle all promotional side things 10:14 PM but want design us few album covers choose which one like and then get our label cover costs 10:28 PM Thanks reaching out, l'd love help out with don't have any projects at moment so l'd be able get done pretty fast.

Cheap Musician Claims Artist's $35/HR Rate Is Robbery

Good luck finding anyone to get that work done.
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