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zoo tiger naps Video animals - 79433729

Send This to Anyone That Threatens to Wake You Up From a Nap as a Warning

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FAIL zoo Video animals - 79122433

Right When You Think You've Got the Perfect Opportunity To Strike...

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panda FAIL zoo cute mondays Video animals - 76420865

This Awkward Giant Panda is All of Us Trying To Start the Week

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FAIL zoo idiots food Video - 79959553

Idiot Zookeeper Demonstrates How NOT to Feed a Wild Animal

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What Not to Wear to a Zoo

news zoo Probably bad News funny - 7821432576
Via The Guardian
bad idea zoo Video fail nation - 66508033

If There's One Thing This Gorilla Hates, it's Being Filmed

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Awesome GIFs from zoo animals doing their things

13 Times Wild Animals Had An Unusual Reaction To People At The Zoo (Gifs)

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One Woman Was Determined to Jump Into the Lion's Den for the Worst Possible Reason

food facepalm news lion zoo fail nation g rated - 8235719168
Via WMC Action News

There's Gotta be a Better Name for This...

sign zoo funny - 7809909248
Created by Unknown

Cute Background FAIL

background photobomb wtf zoo - 5714905600
Created by Unknown
stoned drugs high grandma zoo FAIL - 73505281

Grandma Tries to Explain Xanax To Grandson at Zoo

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zoo Video animals fail nation g rated - 58280705

This Tokyo Zoo Has a Very... Interesting Way to Prepare for an Animal Escape

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A Leopard Escaped From the Zoo in India to Take a Little Stroll, and Here's the Result

news zoo animals - 8083920640

The Saddest Picture from the Government Shutdown

Sad zoo shutdown funny fail nation g rated - 7846347264
Via The High Definite
live news zoo funny Video giraffes - 283143

Pushy Giraffe Gets a Little Too Friendly With a Reporter on Live TV and Hilarity Ensues

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llama KISS spit zoo - 72253185

Sorry You're Not My Type

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