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you had one job

You had one job to do.... Just one... And you blew it. So as you're pondering the mishaps and misdeeds that led you here, take solace in and enjoy some other people who really made a mess of things by screwing up just a simple job. You're not as alone as you think.

Put it on Your Tacos!

By Unknown

How Ripe Are Those Cherries, Exactly?

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Want to Go to the Other Elevator Shaft?

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Toilet Repairs FAIL

genius repairs toilet you had one job - 7078121984
By Unknown

Nice Effort!

candy you had one job vending machine skittles funny - 7667835648
By Unknown

This Will Bug Us Forever, Always

annoying you had one job ocd fail nation g rated - 8426093568
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Congrats on Driving All of Us Insane!

rage ocd you had one job g rated fail nation - 8340945920
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There Are No Words for This

road you had one job what - 8400574976
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Take the Next Bus Out of Town and Never Come Back

FAIL you had one job ads fail nation g rated - 7136035072
By Unknown
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