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This is Why I Give My Dudes Maximum Luck in Fallout

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Wake Up Call FAIL

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Product Placement Fail

Ad FAIL energy drink placement product yikes - 8811047168
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Funny twitter thread about old people using facebook banners wrong, facebook status | tweet by dogwithablog_69 cold people facebook banners thread: crying laughing banner with great sadness my heart my 49 year old son, Shane, died this morning. classic balloon banner have been accused being racist at work

19 Amusing Times Old People Misused Facebook Banners

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Cringey Facebook Story about entitled college student who wants Victoria's Secret clothing for free, plus delivery | wondering if could hold until after next Tuesday and could make payments love this college But said would pick up today Well wanted go out with my friends hope understand even let deliver. So I get privilege deliver after hold week and make payments 5 shirt No want whole bundle 5 dollars So let get this straight want 7 Victoria secret shirts and 3 hoodies 5. Have hold them and

Facebook Seller Encounters Entitled Cheapskate & Trolls Her Hard

The entitlement is off the charts.
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Funny AskReddit post asking people moments they heard people saying stupid things | Suzanne_Marie 11335 points 4 hours ago locked my purse with my keys and cell phone my apartment went office ask maintenance let woman at desk said she would call maintenance and asked phone number they could reach at said there wasn't one because my cell phone locked my apartment. She insisted she needed number said could give her number but wouldn't be able answer if they called. She suggested get my phone out

17 Cringey Times People Witnessed Exquisite Foolishness

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You Just Killed It

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Welcome Tourists, Spread Your Money Tax Free!

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Your Phone Isn't That Important

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Putting Tannerite in a Microwave is a Bad Idea

FAILS yikes explosions gifs close call - 7374341120
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Cringey posts that were meant to be deep from social media, teenagers, love, depression, heartbreak, sadness | seven years old my teacher told most COlorful insectS were also most venomous ones and ffteen years old looked into blue eyes and realized She had been right all along. | Fake is new real and don't fit THE CLASSY PEOPLE

Exquisitely Cringey Posts That Were Meant To Be Deep

This is so sad.
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Never Start a Fire on Top of a Car While Attempting to Do The Harlem Shake

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Funny dystopian memes about the bleak world we live in | Capitalism be like: Trade blood access knowledge ADVERTISE HERE Signal CALL NEED BOOKS? NO WORRIES DONATE PLASMA. this is some dystopian shit New donors earn up 100 one week! | shouldn't worry about ýour career world will be completely unliveable within 20 years. just try have good time while can. wiki Have Healthy Second Marriage Were Widowed

17 Bleak Dystopian Memes Because Nothing Really Matters

"Nothing really matters, anyone can see"
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Funny photos of times people messed up their cooking | too much cooked rice it's lifting the lid from the pot | glasses baked into a loaf of bread

Fifteen Times Amateur Cooks Really Blew It In The Kitchen

Time for Postmates!
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Funny tweet about which mac and cheese is better, both look disgusting, man tweets that they should go to prison
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yikes explosions FAIL gifs thanksgiving fire - 342789

Hopefully Your Thanksgiving Doesn't Get This Out of Control, Ya Turkeys

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