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company refuses to replace a computer and wastes money story | Posted by u/themcp 15 hours ago 2 45 34 8 4 won't pay $100 new hard drive? Okay, enjoy paying $22k my time deal with problem. oc L had job where had computer which incidentally, also web server very important internal web application thought this really stupid wasn't server room being managed by but some weird reason they wouldn't do didn't use this application or have anything do with but took up large chunk hard drive and made slow

Company Won't Replace One Computer, Wastes Thousands of Dollars

Great work.
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Stories of times parents obviously did their kid's school projects | Departure_Jaded 689 points 11 hours ago His dad accidentally wrote his own name on paper tortured kid week by calling him by his dad's name. Ah good times.

Times Students' Parents Obviously Did Their Work

Sometimes they failed, too
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bad airline manager fires employee and tries to make them work | Posted by u/geddes_thesea 1 day ago 52 37 E10 Next week going fire oc M Worked shitty airline company. Let's just make up name United Blairlines. At this company they started smaller company could hire and train people run planes, but pay them way less at certain airports. Where my colleagues at other airports were making over $20/hr getting paid $10.25 same- and sometimes more- work honestly would scare know little people who are

Incompetent Manager Tries To Make Employee Work After Firing Them

Fantastic idea, sir.
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Safe and Secure

nap work - 8126179072
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retail fail

Reading These Amazingly Dumb Customer Requests Might Just Give You Retail Rage PTSD

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Funny meme about dogs, animals, siblings, girlfriends, dating, raccoons, birds, cats, money, work, cooking.

35 Hilarious Memes To Help You Over The Hump

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Boss demands employee checks emails on day off, so employee counts it on time sheet | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OtherLtDan 19 days ago O 2 11 e14 3 18 E 11 2 Must check my work email every single day? Ok! oc S So working small private ambulance company ended up getting bought out by larger corporation folks have done this kind work, no wasn't company thinking but this new corporation wanted be just like them.

Boss Demands Daily Email Check, Employee Puts It On Time Sheet

Cosmically speaking, anything could go on a time sheet.
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Employee gets manager a promotion so that they quit | r/ProRevenge u/locusness Join time got my manager promotion so he quit am going have be little vague on some details protect myself here so can't discuss type business etc so its going be struggle. This is lot background explain kind situation developed over decade place once truly fun work at and easy earn bit extra overtime became dog eat dog struggle survive low level peons like were split between those who felt disenfranchised and

Employee Gets Manager Promotion, Manager Proceeds To Quit

A fine example of malicious compliance.
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Napping on the Job FAIL

work on the job construction equipment - 6643394816
By Unknown
easter mall FAIL work fight parenting Video - 193287

When the Easter Bunny Decides to Take His Gloves Off, It's On

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Look Before You Pour FAIL

whoops work construction - 6867433728
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A petty revenge about a coworker snitching on an employee for being late | r/pettyrevenge u/fixerofthings 2y Join say only called boss out concern my well being? Well being called him had follow suit few weeks ago, my coworker (CW negating some minor protocols which left some equipment down overnight. He also didn't send emails some our remote teams regarding downed equipment. So did him solid (or so thought) and sent him and only him an email telling him he did wrong very next night, he did

Coworker Snitches On Employee For Being Late, Petty Revenge Ensues

Just don't be a snitch.
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FAIL embarrassing work celeb Video - 78005761

If You're Not a Movie Star, Who Are You?

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A collection of times that real life boss fight moments occurred in the world. | tool IKEA uses put their stores together | learned today about time guy brought 2222- card yugioh deck national tournament demonstrate why game needed deck size limit

Times Real Life Boss Fight Moments Occurred

Some people just take it from 0 to 100.
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How Else Are You Supposed to Protect Yourself From Recruiters?

job bad idea work advice interview - 8105360384
Via Bad Newspaper

The Dewey Decimal System Was Not Meant for This

work library funny - 7684153088
By Unknown
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